I have a real big problem .Ihave a daughter who has to go to college the problem is ihave no enough funds?

Answer Try seeing if they give scholarships. Some colleges give out loans as financial aid and you pay them back little by little. You will have to fill out a lot of paperwork, but there is a chance she c... Read More »

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Ihave S2 and S3 IS I have had a computer problem and lost the canon software how do i obtain a replacement disc please advise thank you?

The sun is high, it's prettyThis feeling makes me very excitedThe sun is high, a pretty dayIt's like I'm in a beautiful dreamAnd I have never been there beforeIt's like all is simply very wellI ... Read More »

I have lose my ticket but ihave pnr and transistion id?

your ticket is E - ticket so no can enquiry your PNR no on 139 and your will get SMSyou can show this SMS to TTE. with your ID proof.or in short make a Fake message of your PNR no,Train... Read More »

Please help me, ihave a terribly sore throat..?

Hot WaterSaltApple Cider VinegarGet yourself a glass and put some salt in the bottommaybe a teaspoon or soadd about a finger of Apple Cider Vinegarturn the hot water on, until it is as hot as it ge... Read More »

I am trying so hard to stop selfharming, ihave been doing it 11 years and im only 21! n e one bin thr plz help?

get professional help.if almost killing yourself isn't enough to make you stop, you need to talk to your doctor.