I have a read blister like bumb on my leg and it hurt!!!?

Answer i had to be hospitalized for a spider bite because i got an infection cellulitis. if iit gets red, swollen, puffy, hot, spreads, or you get a fever or vomiting within the next few hours, go to the ... Read More »

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I have a fever blister in my mouth like in the area that you would put chewing tabacco in what can I do for it?

Its probably a canker sore. You pretty much just have to wait those things out. Keep acidic foods away from it in the meantime. I get one everytime I go to the dentist and the last time it took ... Read More »

Please read details! Should I pop my sunburn blister?

They always say you shouldn't pop blisters or cover, but I have done it myself and have found it speeds up recovery, do it as you have written and I'm sure it will work out fine.

How many choices for Tv do we have, like cable, direct etc read please :?

NCIS, L & O, and CSI are all available for free on the major broadcast networks if you use an antenna.Getting the right antenna is a very long story, so if you want guidance on that, either use the... Read More »

Should you pop a blister or leave it alone If you can pop a blister how do you go about doing it safely?

leave it alone because the skin over the fluid is a natural and very effective barrier to infection; but if you MUST pop it in order to walk, wash the area and your hands first with soap and water... Read More »