I have a question regarding FAFSA and divorced parents.?

Answer If your child lives with you both equally then he will use the income of the parent who provides at least 50% of his support. Who claims him on their taxes? You can contact someone with FAFSA direc... Read More »

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FAFSA question 80 about parents' income tax?

They want your parents tax liability for 07. This is NOT the amount that was withheld on their W2s. It is also not the amount your parents had to pay or received after filing taxes for that year.... Read More »

A question for Foster Parents regarding record keeping?

I wish I knew what age you were or your age group-. We were foster parents in the old days ---early 70's til just 2 yrs ago when we retired.I've also worked in the fiel--still am. We had 100 kids. ... Read More »

FAFSA 2008-09 question: What if my parents haven't done their tax for 2007 yet?

While you can use your 2006 taxes to complete an estimator 08-09 FAFSA, understand that when you make corrections from the actual numbers on the 2007 will throw your FAFSA into Ver... Read More »

How old do you have to be to decide who you live with if your parents are divorced?

It varies from state to state and country to country. Usually the "Age of Consent" is recognized by the judge and affords the minor the option to choose which parent to live with. Some states do no... Read More »