I have a question concerning GPS Units and fishing.?

Answer Any GPS unit will get you back to the same place you were at if you create a 'waypoint' and then navigate back to it at a later date.If you're going out on the water I would recommend a very cheap ... Read More »

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Question About Whatsapp, this is CONCERNING!!?

Please post what device (what is your cellphone model, that is) are you using to access WhatsApp, as the interface varies from OS to OS.

Question concerning Microsoft Office and (ShellNew)?

First of all, the "ShellNew" image you made available is showing Office applications from three different versions: • ACCESS9 and EXCEL9 are from Office 2000. • PWRPNT11 is from Office 200... Read More »

Question concerning high-speed internet through Comcast?

Comcast is who I have my hi-speed service through. After two years, I'm very satisfied with them. Their customer service is quick, efficient, and they rarely have downtime. The only tradeoff ... Read More »

You are one owner in a 5 unit condo Four units have been fore closed on you are paying all expenses units are now up for sale How can you collect your expenses?

Document your expenses and your payments.File liens against the other four units -- you need an attorney to assist you in this task -- so that whenever the units are sold (bought) your lien can be ... Read More »