I have a question about what is and isn't okay as a vegan?

Answer Dear Sophia, As a strict vegan, you must eat no meat.Especially chicken!!!

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Question about being vegan?

no, it's not a vegan meal. How well you can remain a vegan is actually pretty individual. It does get easier as you get older. If you're making choices when you can and you're trying your best then... Read More »

Hi, Vegan question about portion sizes?

I am a vegitarian, not a vegan, but I still feel as though I can help. You arnt over eating at all. You just choose to eat more than others because others are eating different things. Try more frui... Read More »

Okay, serious question about babies and cuteness?

I believe it! Those days when I think I just can't take it anymore I look at my daughter's adorable face, listen to her cute laugh and it makes it all so worth it.My hubby and I used to joke when ... Read More »

Okay, stupid question, but I am computer illiterate. Do I have to change both ink cartridges?

No, you only need to change the one that needs it.Usually a menu will pop up or something that tells you.I threw out all my color printers 10 years ago, even had brand new ones that came 'free' wit... Read More »