I have a question about type 2 Diabetes's.?

Answer I would look into the Paleo Diet. It has been shown to cure Type 2. A really good place to start researching the diet is by picking up the book "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf. If you want some r... Read More »

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Why type of "am I pregnant" question is your favourite?

I have my top 5 favorite "Am I pregnant" questions in my profile. I especially like the ones where the girl is a virgin but her boyfriend might have had some pre-*** on his hand when he touched her... Read More »

A question for diabetics with Type 2 Diabetes.?

you can go on they will tell you its really like the beging of diabetes your border line i have the same thing u can get rid of it tho by eating right and exercising u dont have to take m... Read More »

Compatible blood type question.?

Depending on the volume red cells transfused and the timing of sample collection, the patient may show "mixed field agglutination" on blood tests. The mixed field reaction may last for the life of... Read More »

Does your keyboard make an É when you try to type a question mark?

Way to answer your own question! You go girl/guy!