I have a question about my computer monitor.?

Answer Time for a warranty claim.First, switch monitors with another computer. If the problem moves to the other computer, the monitor is at fault. Replace the monitorIf it stays with the computer, the ... Read More »

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I have a question about my computer specs?

You mean your budget for graphics card and motherboard is 35k. Then probably get: Motherboard:… Get any of these except the 1st Asus one. The AsRock one s... Read More »

Hello I have a computer question about "word"?

press and hold the insert button on the keyboard.Hold it about 1 full second, that changes between inserting and typing over

I have what I am sure is a very easy question about my computer running out of space.?

If you're running out of space, you need flash memory, not RAM.RAM is temporary memory that makes you computer run faster.It isn't true that you can't install it yourself, but if you're uncomfortab... Read More »

Monitor Question About Companys?

I have never seen this company before. But I know that if you buy from tiger you will be able to return the product if it is crap, so it's your money and if oyu want to chance it go for it and let ... Read More »