I have a question about exercise?

Answer It's better to exercise one time, for a longer period -- it stimulates your body to start breaking down the fat in your cells and converting it into energy, rather than just using the stuff that's ... Read More »

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Question about abs exercise?

I think what your doing would work very well, but it might tone up quicker if you did different types of ab exercises. Your body will eventually know that your gonna do it, and it won't work as wel... Read More »

Exercise Routine Question?

Yes, you've already have this routine down right. So why not? keep it up and at 120 lbs is pretty good.

UK NHS question - exercise prescribed for PND?

That's a brilliant idea! It actually makes sense because your body releases endorphins when you exercise. When I had PND I refused point blank to go to the gym (or do anything outside the house for... Read More »

Just a quick question about exercise?

have you mentioned this to your doctor? about the injuries i meanif not, i would. the reason is b'cos certain exercises can to be done to strengthen hip and back muscles, and injuries to the back c... Read More »