I have a question about chicken n dumplins?

Answer if you want a real drop dumpling then make it with bisquick, the recipe is on the box, these are the best.

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Food question about chicken?

It doesn't matter if it was tightly sealed or not. Chicken should be well chilled and not sitting out in 80 degree temperatures. Toss it in the bin, it is loaded with bacterial spores, that can giv... Read More »


Eggs in a store are from chicken hens who have not met up with a rooster, so the eggs are not fertilized. That is how you know there is no baby chick in there. Chicken hens lay eggs no matter, bu... Read More »

I challenge you to this question..........Don't be chicken.........?

apples with peanut butter mmmm very yummmmmmmy =.) i eat it constantly

Chicken pox question easy 10 points?

Don't do it!! It will leave scars, like little pock marks. NOt to mention open the sores up to infection.Let them heal on their own