I have a question about antibiotics and alcohol....?

Answer There are two parts to answer your question: can you take the amoxicillin and mix it with alcohol? Technically yes--there will be no chemical contraindications that will cause you problems. But ... Read More »

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Question about antibiotics?

Alcohol doesn't diminish the effectiveness of most antibiotics. However, drinking alcohol may increase the side-effects of taking antibiotics. The variety and intensity of these side-effects depend... Read More »

A Question about Antibiotics?

I'm a dentist. First off, I'm wondering about the type and dose of antibiotics you're being given. Augmentin is basically amoxicillin (with clavulonic acid added in to allow it to kill some types o... Read More »

Question about UTI and Antibiotics.?

ive taken lots of antibiotics and thats never happened to me. if u r sure thats blood. sometimes antibiotics and uti can discolor urine

A question about the pill and antibiotics?

When I've been in this situation, I've used something else until I've used the next packet and had another period