I have a question about a woman's private parts?

Answer Women do not urinate through the same hole that the tampon goes in. I also recommend not asking any woman about this on a date. Its a guarantee that you won't have a second date.

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Do boys like womans private shaved?

Depends on who you are i guess. a friends husband likes her to look like a barbie doll, another friend likes a " run way" who cares as long as you have personal hygiene and keep the damn thing clean

Question about laptop parts?

The best place to go for this type of question is one of the memory manufacturers' websites like or . You can either download their "memory advisor" gadget to your compute... Read More »

I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?

Question about a situation im sure we have all thought about.. Pubic hair in labour?

I used to trim and keep it neat but towards the end I was too big and too tired to care, haha. doctors have seen it all. no one is going to say either, for god's sake! how rude would that be. reall... Read More »