I have a question about Windows Media Center?

Answer If you have a coax connection on your computer--and you can watch television on it--then you've got a tuner card installed in your system. Those are handy in that they can take a signal from an an... Read More »

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How to Play YouTube Videos in Windows Media Center in Windows 7?

Windows Media Center is a program that allows you to import, manage and watch your favorite videos. If you're an avid YouTube fan, you can also use the media application to watch YouTube videos. To... Read More »

How to Remove an Add on from the Windows Vista Windows Media Center Software?

Add ons on windows media centerAdd ons can a headache sometimes especially when its about windows media center because the add ons in media center can't be uninstalled because they are signed in th... Read More »

Types of Windows Media Center Extenders for Windows 7?

The Windows Media Center program built into Windows 7 allows other devices to act as extenders to stream media to a television or another home theater device. Extenders can receive the program's fu... Read More »

Is Windows Media Center only in Windows Vista?

Windows Media Player allows you to watch Internet TV and movies for free. Windows Media Player is included in the Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional and Enterprise versions of Windows 7, and in t... Read More »