I have a problem with this virus!?

Answer disable system restore…Boot in safe mode (by pressing F8 when computer starts)run ccleaner…run any antivirus and ... Read More »

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I have a problem with my anti-virus.?

you are not suposed to used 2 anti-virus programs they end up fighting eachother and dont do what thay are suposed to do. i have used avg free edition for years on all 10 of my computers with no probs

Virus attacked my computer then appear icon named wincrack.what is the best anti virus can solve this problem.?

WinCrack Removal Instructions Kill the following processeswincrack.exe Remove the following, wincrack.cpp, wincrack.exe.A free online scan may be able to do all that for you.http://www... Read More »

I have a problem with swelling huge tooth sensitivity ever since my filling this tuesday...what could this be?

could be a few things but its likely that it wasn't just a cavity. the tooth decay spread through and down the tooth and started to balloon out the end causing the swelling. this means you will nee... Read More »

Why does my mom have a problem with this?

I think your mother just wants to spend more time with you and bond with you. she just wants to get to know you better. if the computer and Tv are taking up most of your time than YOU should be wor... Read More »