I have a problem with my keyboard,?

Answer You obviously have a defective key board. I have an extra that is equipped with the 'Any' key. Just send me a check for $149.99 plus shipping and I will send it right out to you. Can't believe you ... Read More »

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Keyboard problem?

Go into control panel and select accessability options. Turn off all of the options.

Help me with a keyboard problem...?

there is always Q-tips.. they work for me.. a slightly damp cloth.. or there is alwaysthose little vacuums.. good luck.. looking at my keyboard I don'thave a insert tab close to my backspace, it is... Read More »

Help in keyboard problem!!!!!!!?

It seems one or more of the membrane traces is broken or worn. The only practical fix is to replace the keyboard module.

UMAX keyboard problem?