I have a problem with my computer that I just don't understand. HELP?

Answer There's no hardware problem in your computer. I hope you are using XP windows version in your PC. Do this structure. Go to my computer and right click then go to properties. you may see some bars o... Read More »

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My computer keeps popping up with 'you have a security problem' and i dont have a clue how to get rid of it?

Firstly, antivirus programs will NOT pick these up as they are malicious codecs.Download the following free removal programs:SmitFraudFix:…How to use SmitF... Read More »

This is my problem I have a ipod touch first generation with my name on the back so I dont want to sell it my birthday's coming up and the iphone 4 looks good should I get it as well help?

I already install my web camera but its did not work. i dont know if i have a problem on my cam or computer?

What laptop do you have? External camera or built-in? What brand of laptop?

I have a jaw problem that I don't understand and I'm not sure what to do?

It is basically the TMJ problem.You need to see ur dentist as he will do the clinical checkup and judge ur problem exactly and do treatment accordingly.He will tell u the various exercises that hel... Read More »