I have a problem with my Dell PC. all of a sudden the image on the display is sideways. how do i fix?

Answer hit control alt and 8 (the one one the right side of your keyboard with an arrow on the same key ) all at the same time

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My asus f3sc cant display an image bt works perfectly on external monitor. Whats possibly the problem?

try a resetmaybe the ambient light sensor, or the default setting for brightness is wrongremove batteryremove supplyhold in the on button for 30 secondsrefit supply, NOT batterytry pc see if it mak... Read More »

My DELL computer screen went sideways. How to fix?

Thats easy..just press the left CRTL+ALT+ the UP ARROW..and it should go back to normal.

All of a sudden my computer (display screen) has changed to funky colours.. and keeps 'wobbling'. . ?

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