I have a printer without the downloadable software?

Answer How about search Make/Model of the Canon printer on say, Google? Yahoo? You know how many printers Canon makes?!

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Is there a software which you can use in place of camera which is easily downloadable?

If you do not have an image you will need a camera to get an image no software can take pictures (other than grabbing the image off your monitor which you can do by pressing the Prt Scr button to t... Read More »

What is the best free, downloadable anti-virus software? (firewall) (ad-aware) (spybot s&d)… (avg Anti-Virus)http://www.file... Read More »

Is there any free downloadable software to remove spywares in my computer?

Yes, there are free ones, but they are not as good. I downloaded a few of them before (Adaware, spybot, etc.). Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. I now have Spy Sweeper by Webroot installe... Read More »

Lost installation software for my web cam printer,scanner,where would l find the software for my components?

The Internet. What brands and models are your components? Go to that company's website and look for the drivers/software. It's usually there for free.