I have a printer question with my computer ?

Answer The printer is being shared across a home network. There are several write ups on how to do this on the internet. A good one is here:…

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I have a really confusing question. Who can assist me with printer help?

i cant say I know what is wrong, but what might fix this is reinstalling the device. right click my computer, go to manage and then device manager. go to your printers and right click the one you... Read More »

I have an HP computer, will a printer of another brand work with it?

Yes. A computer will only be incompatible with another piece of equipment if they have conflicting operating systems...which in most cases boils down to Mac's Leopard system and PC's Windows system... Read More »

I have an old printer, and a new computer, how do I install the printer if I don't have a disk?

Go to the website of the printer manufacturer. They should have the printer driver available to download there.

I have a windows XP computer that is attached to a CX7800 printer. The nozzle on the printer needs cleaning ?

Hi BellaGo in the printers properties or in the menu that was installed for your CX printer.Their should be an option called 'service' or tools. Select 'clean printer' It will print a page as it is... Read More »