I have a pretty bad burn on my finger, should I lance it?

Answer I don't even wanna know what you and Mr. Cleaver were doing that caused that to happen. Geesh..that man, I tell ya...he's a wild one!Anyway, NO! don't lance it...I'd let it be. Meanwhile use a good... Read More »

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My finger was bitten by a kid pretty hard and now it's been numb for a few hours. Should I go to emergency?

I put a bunch of finger nail polish on my nipples and now they burn..what should I do?

paint your vagina to make it match your breasts.

I have a bump on my finger well the side of my finger (the finger next to my pointer finger)?

if it is on your middle then it is because of your pen/pencil it shows you wright a lot and intelligence

If I have to get finger printing done for my work should they have to pay for it?

I'm not aware of any requirement that forces a potential employer to pay for prerequisite testing/screening/finger printing etc. Most of them will...but I'm not aware of a specific law/rule that s... Read More »