I have a penis problem guys. I really need your help in solving this, okay...?

Answer oh dear, the guy who cut it off sounds a bit of an amature, sounds like he's taken too much skin off which has stunted your penis growth which is a shame. Your just gonna have to live with it, besi... Read More »

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Okay, I know this is nasty, but I really need help...?

looks like a ring worm. i think there is some over the counter creams you can use. google ringworm

I need help with solving a computer monitor problem.?

Check your graphic card...try the monitor on another computer and see how it goes...or if it is still under waranty take it back let the dealer check it.

OKay, this may seem a little gross and disgusting, but i need your help!! My...?

Ur nt eating enough veggies etc- start eating those and ur poo will bind up and won't give u any more worries. Btw it happens to most people in their life time so don't be embarrassed! ^^

Help! I really need your opinion on this!?

No. if you get your nose done, your face will look really wierd. Remember, we are born with our features in proportion to the rest of our face. Ever seen cat woman? Read More »