I have a painful rash / bite on my neck?

Answer You should go to the doctors to get it checked, it sounds like a bite but your skin might have had a reaction to something. Also, if it's itchy try not to scratch it, you may scratch the head off t... Read More »

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Is the HIV rash painful?

A skin rash is an early symptom of HIV. It may appear several weeks after a patient is first infected with the virus. The rash appears on the first on the neck and face, and is red and splotchy. So... Read More »

Is a tick rash painful?

A tick rash is not normally painful at the actual site of a tick bite. Tick bites, however, can cause other symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, headache and fatigue if transmission of Lyme diseas... Read More »

Is heat rash painful for babies?

I would say if there is a strange rash along with it or something. OR if the fever is over 103

Painful rash (Preferably girls only, please.)?

Yeast infection maybe. If you get it, the discharge should be thick, white, cheesy. You may also have the symptoms:Pain/itch/burning at vulva areaPain/itch/burning in vaginaPain during intercourse ... Read More »