I have a pain on my left side at the bottom of my ribcage, what is that?

Answer Call your doctor and give him/her your symptoms and let HIM decide if you need further examination or not.

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If you have pain on the left bottom side of your gums does that mean you have a cavity?

Jen, you need to get that area x-rayed by a dentist. I was an RDA in an oral surgery office for many years. It could be anything from eroded or thin enamel to an abcess or anything in between.If th... Read More »

Sharp pain just under ribcage on the right side of my body?

gall bladder, or the right side of the diaphragm is spasming. see an hio method chiropractor.

I have a REALLY bad pain in the right side of my body, just under the ribcage. any ideas on what it is?

simple test for appendicitis is the rebound test. Get someone to locate the spot midway between your belly button and the boney prominance sticking out on the front of your pelvis (anterior superi... Read More »

I feel pain on the left side of my stomach, close to my ovaries & it's only on my left side, should I worry?

Ovarian cysts often cause no symptoms, however when symptoms are present, ovarian cysts may cause a dull ache or a sense of fullness or pressure in the abdomen (and in my case everytime I have had ... Read More »