I have a pain in my upper right buttocks can enyone tell me what it is?

Answer Could be lumbar radiculopathy if it radiates down your leg.Otherwise see a pain management specialist

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Right Upper Chest Pain?

Pain in the upper right chest is usually not an indication of a cardiac event but more likely the result of a pulled rib muscle, gallbladder problems or liver inflammation. When the pain is felt on... Read More »

Stabbing pain in my right upper pec?

Tight back muscles are causing small spasms to happen to send pains to your pecs. Freeing up your back muscles will release the tight muscles causing the spasms and here's how to free them up:Back... Read More »

I'm 13 & I have a pain in my right hip bone like every 5 mins . Tell me why?

It can be almost anything from arthritis to cancer to pregnancy. Only an exam can tell. When I was pregnant the hip bone softens to prepare the baby head to come through. And it is a pain to deal w... Read More »

What causes pain in the right side of your upper back, and around your right side?

It sounds like you might have kidney stones. When I had pain like that I was worried about my liver, lungs,well there are so many things on that side it could have been. But it ended up being kidne... Read More »