I have a operating systems question about first fit algorithms?

Answer If the first available block is too small, the next block is tried, until a good one is found or there are no more blocks. If the allocator runs out of blocks, it fails to allocate (malloc: returns... Read More »

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Hello I have 2 Question about PC Systems?

In essence the answer to the main question is yes. You can run one antivirus product on Computer 1 and another product on Computer 2. In fact, you would likely have to run a different antivirus pro... Read More »

Network Operating Systems Vs. Embedded Operating Systems?

"Network" and "embedded" are two different types of operating systems (OS) used in business and industry. A network OS is used in business network infrastructures, allowing data and resources to be... Read More »

How can i get my computer back to factory settings if i have 2 operating systems?

first go to the origonal os then type repair disk in start click the link create repair disk with disk wizzard then find os product key with winkeyfinder if no sticker thats so you can restore f... Read More »

Question about stereo systems for home use?

Something like this?…