I have a non-education computer question for people?

Answer lmao! didn't you know you are not supposed to remove the hard drive from the sloppy i mean floppy port.

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What is the lowest amount of education that you have to have to be a computer programer?

The minimum required education to work as a computer programmer varies from employer to employer. Some companies will hire applicants who have only a two-year associate degree, but the majority pre... Read More »

Can some technology-savvy people help me out with a computer question?

Its good advice I do mine each year as an when my antivirus comes up for renewal. What you should do is save all your personal files that you wish to keep, letters, photo’s and copy them to a mem... Read More »

People of switzerland I have a question?

The average Swiss (I count myself to be) most probably doesn't know what the Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil is.Thanks to Google, though, I found out. It's an upscale private school. Since... Read More »

Why do people consider Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia education to be better than traditional education?

Wow, good question! I would say it's because those 3 theories incorporate the natural development of learning and growth into their curricula. They allow children to grow and progress in a natura... Read More »