I have a new Compaq Pc.How do I scan my pictures to my files for later use?

Answer if you have a scanner, place them on. then open my computer, click on the printers/scanners (towards the bottom) and it will lanch a program which will save them to the location you want. this is a... Read More »

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Is there a device in which you can scan pictures you draw and turn them into picture files for your computer?

yes, you can use a picture scanner. I personally use a HP scanner you can get one @ best buy.

How do you scan files that Microsoft Live Onecare could not scan?

go into the advanced options and pick the extra or do a custom scan for the files and folders you want.

Scan UK Buy now pay later help?

No they are complying with the Finance Act whichinvolves and covers Hire Purchase.You want free interest then you pay a deposit and youmust clear the balance within 9 months with 9equal monthly ins... Read More »

After I scan pictures I can't locate them in "my pictures"?

when you buy a new hardware (like your scanner) it comes with a cd that will install some software in your computer to aid running the program. In most cases that software will create its own fold... Read More »