I have a neurogenic bladder is there a cure for this type of bladder condition?

Answer An IVP is an x-ray study of your kidneys, ureters and bladder. The following sites describe the procedure quite accurately:… Read More »

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How can I cure my bladder infection?

Bladder infections, or cystitis, are common occurrences with many women, according to the Mayo Clinic. Symptoms include a strong urge to urinate, painful urination, bloody urine and pressure or pai... Read More »

Does vesicare cure bladder problems?

On One Hand: Vesicare Does Not "Cure" Bladder ProblemsVesicare is a prescription medication that treats symptoms of bladder problems. However, it does not cure underlying bladder conditions. It doe... Read More »

How to Cure Swim Bladder Disease?

Swim bladders fill with air and allow a fish to stay afloat rather than sinking to the bottom of the tank. Fish regulate these bladders according to where they are and what they want to do. Any dam... Read More »

How to cure a bladder infection without going to a doctor?

vitamin c in any form.. any juices containing vitamin c,, or simply take a vitamin c pill