I have a negative suspision with my daughter.?

Answer it doesn't mater if you obtain that because she can always change the password on you

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Can a person with O negative and a person with A negative blood have children?

Yes they can. The type of the blood (e.g., A, B, O, AB) is not really the problem that can exist when the blood types of a mother and father are incompatible. Instead it is the Rh factor which is d... Read More »

I have missed my period had a negative test cramps bloating constipation gas nasuea and my last period was Feb1st i am usually 24-26days..could i be pregnant even with negative test?

AnswerPeriod delay isn't a definite sign of pregnancy. Lots of things can cause a period to be late. I am normally a very regular person and I have been late the last two months.If you are still un... Read More »

If you are trying to serve your daughter for temporary custody of her children and you have the court order but can't find your daughter can you go ahead and take the children if they aren't with her?

Answer If you have a valid court order you may take the children into your care. If the situation warrants the assistance of the local police you should contact them and show them the custody order... Read More »

What can you do if you have a daughter in law for 30 years and she will not have enything to do with members of the family but her husband twin brother?

You are not related to any of your husband's cousins, unless you and your husband are also cousins. Then some but not all of your husband's cousins would also be your cousins, but they would be tha... Read More »