I have a mole on my leg, and today my leg got really burnt, what should I do?

Answer Get some Aloe Vera Gel and apply it for the sun burn. Nothing will happen to the mole. But be sure and apply sun screen everywhere next time.Moles that are cancerous (the bad ones) are called Melan... Read More »

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I burnt my tongue today...?

keep swishing cold water in your mouth to cool it off lol.

Burnt my face tanning today what will help heal it?

Aloe gel works..keep it in the fridge and it also relieves.

How much money is The Mole paid on the reality show The Mole?

No, Clay was the runner up in Season 2. The winner was Ruben Studdard.

How much was the mole paid on the reality tv show The Mole?

In the TV Show "The Mole" the mole, or the saboteur, is usually paid the total amount that he/she prevents his/her teammates from earning throughout the games and challenges. It usually amounts to ... Read More »