I have a misquito bite but it may have turned into something differenthelp!!?

Answer It sounds like you are just very allergic to mosquito bites or you scratched it soo much that it started to make pus inside of it. Honestly, your mosquito bites sound just like mine. Mine swell re... Read More »

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Mosquito bite turned into Zit?

Mosquitos suck blood from other humans and animals. So you will get bacteria from whomever or what the mosquito was feeding off of last. That is how Malaria and many other viruses such as Encepha... Read More »

My mosquito bite has turnEd into a boil ?

i would think clean it out and put alcohol on it.please find out what you are allergic to.

I scratched a mosquito bite, and it turned into a huge bruise?

Because of your severe scratch the dirt in your fingers made it infected. Apply any balm . Do not scratch.

What should I do if I was bitten by a spider and a week later the bite did not hurt, but turned green?

First, this is not a spider bite, but does sound like a bad infection. you need to treat this or have a doctor treat it.The center is a pustule, (pus pocket) and needs to be drained. If gently sque... Read More »