I have a malware on my windows 7 pc?

Answer http://malwarebytes.orgdownloadinstallupdatescan your computerlet it remove the malware

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How to get rid of virus/malware on windows xp?

You can use System Restore to return your computer to the state it was in before the infection. On XP it's at Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore, click Restore to an Ea... Read More »

Windows Malware Removal Tool?

The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is a free program created by Microsoft to detect and remove common malicious software, such as Blaster, Sasser or Mydoom.

Would it be better just to buy a mac that way you wont need the hassle that windows has with malware?

The Mac operating system is based on a version of Unix, which inherently has better security against operating system files being got-at or corrupted.The downside is that there is not as good a ran... Read More »

About the Windows Malicious Malware Removal Tool?

The Microsoft malware removal program, called the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, is a program that downloads automatically the first Tuesday of every month to a user's Windows computer us... Read More »