I have a low pain tolerance, will getting my belly button peirced hurt?

Answer dang people are harsh! Look hun, it pinches it feels like a big pinch, you will be fine i promise you it's okay. You can trust me i've pierced my belly button, tongue, la brae, different parts of... Read More »

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Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?

Yes, it hurts but not for long, just make sure you keep it clean with peroxide and neosporin and turn it when you clean it to keep it from getting infected.

Should i get my belly button peirced?

Well I'm 14 too, and i want it pierced really bad.. Just have your mom take you or your friend.. i really don't know what else to tell you SORRY

How do i convince my mom to let me get my belly button peirced?

Since it is fall it would probably help if you bring up the fact that it takes months for a piercing to heal, if you get it now, you will not have any risk of infection next summer.

Do you think 12 years old is a little too young to get you belly button peirced?

Why on gods Earth does your son have a tattoo at 15?