I have a little brother.What are some tips to help me get him to behave?

Answer You can ask his (or her) parents what you might do or not do to help. Keep being his friend because everyone deserves to have a friend.

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I need some make up tips! Can anyone help?

A bronze or pinky colored blush is really cute it brings life to your face .. Do mascara concealer and apply a pink light light red or natural brown lip color Do mascara on the top lashes and put e... Read More »

HELP ME! I need some tips on driving and parking a...............?

While it is a "BIG TRUCK" it still has all the same basics of driving that your Solara adheres to.Forward. Reverse. Steering to the left or the right and braking to a stop. The principles are th... Read More »

What Are Some Beauty Tips That Can Help Me to Put on Make Up?

Applying makeup correctly versus incorrectly can determine whether you will look fresh and natural, or unnatural and overdone. Makeup application is a simple procedure that should be done slowly, a... Read More »

What are some foods that have little or no calories?

Everything has calories. Little calories: fruit, vegetables.