I have a lexmark 4200 fax /copier /scanner I bought a usb cord But now what ?

Answer IF you have the disk for the drivers, place the disk in and download the drivers to setup your machine. Then connect the usb cord and turn on the machine, the computer should be able to reconize th... Read More »

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Have a fax /copier /scanner [lexmark 4200] and I;m not sure how to connect it to my computer ,Ihave usb cord?

FIRST, before connecting the printer to the the install disk on the computer it will be connected to. Only when prompted should you then connect the wire to the PC. After that, ju... Read More »

How can i download my lexmark 2400 series printer,scanner and copier?

Do you want the driver or software? Is it on Windows or Apple?You can get the driver here

I bought a HP printer,fax,copier,and,scanner but...?

I am going through the same situation with my own printer... You can order a cd on the HP website but they charge you.. So far I haven't seen a way to just easily download it online.. If you or any... Read More »

Hewlett Packard stingy Just bought a scanner/ USB cable, you don't find out til you open the box?

Yes they are! the same thing happened to me.I am going to complain to them.