I have a large portrait my uncle painted and I need it digitalized, where can I find a large scanner?

Answer You are unlikely to get a quality scan done at this size. There are two options available to you:The first is taking a picture of it - use studio lighting / daylight with a camera set to the bigges... Read More »

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Who painted three large scenes called"The Battle of San Romano"?

"The Battle of San Romano" was painted by Paolo Uccello, an Italian artist born Paolo Uccello. His biggest passion was work in perspectives. The painting is in three panels: one is at the Louvre in... Read More »

Does Costco have a large bulk item pick up service for returning a large 50 inch TV?

Pick-up Policy Best thing to do is call Costco and ask.well, I have a FREE pick up service... il just take it RIGHT off your hands and you'll never have to worry about it again... lol

How far and fast do I have to run to burn off 4 big macs, 3 large fries, 2 large cokes and an ice cream cone?

You could swim to England.....that should do the trick :P

What kind of scanner would one recommend for a very large photo-memories project?

Most HP flatbed scanners will do the job, hassle-free. And you can fit more than 1 photo on the tray per scan. Personally, I own a quite old already HP 2200 model.