I have a kodack camera?

Answer Just plug the USB cable into your camera and copy the pictures to your PC with Windows Explorer.

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What filters should you have for your camera I have a Nikon D 7000 Camera and I am trying to find out what starting filters for my camera I should have as a minimum?

The iPod Touch only comes in one color set - black front with a silver back. They also come in White in the front and silver at the back!

I have a camera olympus camera and i put new batteries in it and the camera still doesnt comes on. Why?

if you put new batteries in it and it still doesnt work it might have a manufactures defect...i would call the 800 number and see what type of warranty the product has...hope this helps

How do you record tv with a camera - I have plugged it in and on my tv screen i can see like what i can see from my camera screen - how do I record tv using my camera?

no unless your camera has a input and your tv has an output but instead of doing that if your looking to make some good quality vids you got to spend a little money on a hd pvr you might have to pl... Read More »

What is the point of having a camera when you actually have a camera phone?

heck, and i'm wondering why cannot i make calls from my cameraEDIT:my cell has a camera yet i prefer my regular camera[cell camera images are good enuf for printing postage stamp sizes and an oldis... Read More »