I have a keliod on my shoulder and scars on my knees. Please help!?

Answer Some people have had success with steroid injections.....................

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I have a keliod scar on my shoulder...?

Nothing works. Scars make you who you are. Don't sweat it and just be yourself.And don't ask a question then tell people how to answer.

I have weak knees help please!?

Hi: Why don't you wrap them as much as you can? Also try this it worked for me when i was playing football. get a hot bath then put some Epsom's salts in the water. Or this get a towel wet then ho... Read More »

Please help me, I have shoulder and neck pain!?

Stress can make your shoulders tense. If you do a lot of typing then that can make your muscles in your neck and shoulders ache like a toothache. Have a massage or a nice soak in a hot tub and the ... Read More »

I want to start wearing short sleeves but I still have my horrible scars. Please help?

You went through a period in your life where you did something incredibly stupid, but you claim to have moved on from there. The only thing you can do now is accept responsibility for your stupidi... Read More »