I have a hole in the palm of my hand. Will it heal?

Answer Yes it will heal. Skin constantly regenerates.To help it heal faster, clean the area well a couple of times a day. You could also try using "butterfly strips"/"steri strips to hold the skin closer ... Read More »

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Why do I have a hole on my palm?

maybe you touch an pin or something and that hurts your palm without noticing, so get some alcohol on it as disinfection and later some healing cream and it might be fine after some days..

Does it say in the bible that god will hold us in the palm of his hand?

A traditional Gaelic blessing asks that loved ones remain held in the palm of God's hand, but the Bible doesn't directly say this is true. There are several references in the Bible offering a simil... Read More »

How long will it take for my sisters hand to heal?

If you place your hands palm to palm. Do you find your fingers to be longer in one hand?

yes ~all of themsee~……quite an interesting subjectenjoy the day