I have a hard time swallowing pills?

Answer Leaning your head Forward opens the throat widerthan throwing your head to the back.Get Nyquil in a bottle.It takes practice to get the right amount of water inyour mouth and then pop the pill in.... Read More »

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I have issues swallowing pills of any kind, are there ways to get through this?

This sounds silly, but I am a mom and a health care worker and I taught my kids and I've taught several patients this way, First of all, don't crush or break them. Not all pills are made to be br... Read More »

Fear of swallowing pills?

The best way to swallow pills is with your beverage of choice, for example, Vanilla Milkshake, refreshing Lemonade, or any beverage you like. What helps too is to take the pills when you are extrem... Read More »

Alternate methods to swallowing pills?

No not really it would taste Horrible.Get a pack of M&M's or Skittles a practice

Problem swallowing vitamin / supplement pills?

I will admit I'm not an expert but i believe in my opinion it shouldn't. I know this is a bit different but i used to put a Halls in my tea & let it dissolve. And it still did the job in making me ... Read More »