I have a gmail account but i?

Answer I think your best bet is to create a new gmail account useing a different secondary email adress and then notify all your friends etc.Good LuckBTW i have 3 Gmail accounts

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I have a new Gmail account. Can I receive e-mails that are sent to my previous gmail account on my new one?

Very simple :-1. Log into your old gmail account2. Go to mail settings ---- > POP & Forwarding3. Enter the address where you want to get the forwarded emails.Besides this , there are many ways you ... Read More »

Why when I try to create a new "gmail" account it converts to "googlemail" account.Why cant I just get Gmail?

dont worry anyways is going to be @gmail.com…

How many days approximately do you have to recover your gmail account?

" [...] within a few weeks' time, accounts are usually no longer retrievable." " [...] a successful recovery will only recover the username associated with the account." From Read More »

Is there an easy way to copy photos from my gmail account to my facebook account?

David,We just started web site called which tries to address this problem. I'm not aware of any other service doing this. Showzey will go trough your Gmail mailbox and transfer all ... Read More »