I have a friend Who is anaemic. What food do you all suggest to "lower" the anaemia?

Answer Anything with iron, for example, almonds, spinach, red meats, liver, etc. google iron rich foods.

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If you have liquor liability in North Carolina what are ways to lower your premiums if you have had 3 incidents and what is a good food to alcohol ratio?

Answer Start Safty program and have written documentation saft manual. Companies like to see 30% or less for Liq. sales.

My friend is gluten free. She is going to my birthday party. What should I have for food?

You can go to your local health food stores and check out their "gluten free" pre-made stuff. You can find breads, cookies, cakes, that are gluten free. But that can get pricy. If you want glute... Read More »

My iPad fell in water. My friend said dry it in the oven. What temperature do you suggest i set it to?

do not put your iPad in the oven. is this even a serious question...? smh. with the intense heat coming from the oven, you may end up damaging something inside the ipad. i suggest you take it to a ... Read More »

How do you suggest a friend on facebook?

go to the profile of ur friend, then at the end of the page u will see the options Suggest Friends for ___ / Remover from Friends