I have a few make-up questions... please help I'm a newbie :)?

Answer Hello! I'm only 15, but I have done a LOT of research over makeup. 1) Foundation is a base used to even out your skin tone/texture. It can be found in liquid, cream, powder, or mousse form. However... Read More »

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Makeup (newbie) questions?… eyeshadow brushes… for powder… foundation brushI prefer eco tools bec... Read More »

What is the best way to make money online. preferably a step by step guide for newbie?

You can only obtain legitimate work from home positions from brick and mortar companies. You want to send your resume out to companies hiring for positions you are qualified for, but include in you... Read More »

Experienced gardeners: What are the top 5 mistakes newbie gardeners make?

planting too much garden for their experience.... choosing plants that require more care than they can give...choosing plants without knowing the mature size it will be...thinking that , with ferti... Read More »

Q. from total newbie?

You have to find it in your computer, either in "my documents" or "my pictures" or where ever you saved it to. Download it onto your 360 page. Then go to your answers profile and edit. Click on ... Read More »