I have a few make-up questions... please help I'm a newbie :)?

Answer Hello! I'm only 15, but I have done a LOT of research over makeup. 1) Foundation is a base used to even out your skin tone/texture. It can be found in liquid, cream, powder, or mousse form. However... Read More »

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I have a few questions about the 3D TV please help me out?

Actually 3d tvs will be around from now on. One they are not that much more expensive, and they are coming down in price. Also it is actually a 2d tv with a 3d feature, so in five years all tv's ... Read More »

I Think I Will Have my Period Soon... PLEASE HELP!!! I Have many Questions?

Talk to your friends or Mom or older sister or a girl that is close to you about it and not complete strangers.Happy New Years.

.tk website questions!!!! Please help, i have a stalker?

If he found your IP address he can use what is called geolocation to find where your located typically down to your city level. But he won't have your address as IP addresses do not represent phys... Read More »

I have questions about veganism, can someone with experience please help me!?

Supplements are unnecessary. Just eat a balanced diet.Meat contains protein, iron, zinc, and the b vitamins riboflavin, thiamin and b-12.Dairy products contain calcium, vitamin D, protein and pota... Read More »