I have a felony conviction can a condo assoc deny my application?

Answer Usually, one does not apply to a condominium association, one buys a unit and becomes a member of the association automatically. One applies to a co-op board, which because of the more closely-hel... Read More »

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Felony can a Florida condo assoc evict you?

The governing documents spell out the violations for which tenants can be evicted. These sets of violations are unique to each condominium association. Usually, the association will only step in t... Read More »

What is the average sentence for a person arrested for a B felony drug charge with one prior D felony drug conviction?

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How do you form condo owners assoc?

You hire an association-savvy attorney in your state who tailors the state's condominium law -- if there is one -- to fit you, the developer's, business objectives. The original association documen... Read More »

Does a lien from condo assoc go away once fee's are paid?

In order for the lien to be removed from your title, the association must file a release of the lien, and would do so once your assessments are paid, together with any fees and expenses related to ... Read More »