I have a felony conviction can a condo assoc deny my application?

Answer Usually, one does not apply to a condominium association, one buys a unit and becomes a member of the association automatically. One applies to a co-op board, which because of the more closely-hel... Read More »

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Felony can a Florida condo assoc evict you?

The governing documents spell out the violations for which tenants can be evicted. These sets of violations are unique to each condominium association. Usually, the association will only step in t... Read More »

How can a condo assoc have unpaid assessments show up in owners credit report?

Your assessments cover your share of the expenses that the association pays to operate and preserve the property that you own. If you enjoy the amenities without paying for them, essentially you're... Read More »

Can people get a U.S. passport if they have a nonviolent felony conviction on their record?

A passport is an official United States government document certifying your identity and allowing you to travel outside the country. Individuals with a nonviolent felony conviction record are allow... Read More »

What is the average sentence for a person arrested for a B felony drug charge with one prior D felony drug conviction?

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