I have a fear of needles?

Answer The fear makes the needle hurt more since your expecting pain just relax. Remember you won't die! I know how you feel. Seeing them uncap it makes my heart sink and I wanna be home

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How to Overcome a Fear of Needles?

You know it is coming. That day when you have to get a shot. Shots can be scary at first, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Are you still scared of getting that shot? Some people are afraid of ... Read More »

How do you get over the fear of needles?

I had the same problem and to have made it worse I had to get 5 shots. What i did was to just imagine all the little kids, diabetes people and just how many shots they get a week. Also I had to squ... Read More »

Needles fear, help please?

aww, i'm so sorry that you have to go through that =[ i have the same issues, but luckily i don't have to get blood tests too often.i totally understand though how hard it is to overcome...i have p... Read More »

I have a crippling fear of injections how can I get rid of the fear?

Just remember that it will be over in no time and breathe. Close your eyes and DO NOT TENSE UP. If you feel like you are going to faint put your head in between your knees and breathe.