I have a document I'd like to scan to computer, I'm really stupid. how do I do this?

Answer You need a Scanner, or an All-In-One Print,scanner,Fax machine. Search Newegg, they have great deals on these.

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Do you know of a portable document scanner that don't need to be connected to a computer to scan a document?

how big is the document you're trying to scan? they make pen scanners, they work good for students that only need certain text and when you only have limited funds and a library down the street wor... Read More »

I know this sounds really stupid but how do i scan my face onto the computer?

I'm assuming you have a good reason for not taking a photograph with a digital still camera, like you want that face pressed up against the glass effect with outside light streaming it etc. Why not... Read More »

How do i scan document into computer?


First of all, your CAPS lock key is stuck.Try unplugging the printer from the wall, wait a minute, then plug it back in. Once the printer cycles, try to scan.If that doesn't work, uninstall and rei... Read More »