I have a desktop PC in which I want to increase its Ram?

Answer Installing memory sticks isn't hard, but if you don't know what you're doing, you can do damage to your computer. Take it to a computer shop and they'll install the new RAM for you in no time.

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I have DSL on my desktop. I recently got a laptop and want to be able to share the DSL.?

Return the USB wireless router as your laptop is set to go and it will not work where you really need it.You need the best (700 ft range or better) wireless router which connects to the DSL modem w... Read More »

Hi, i have web site, and i want to share it on facebook , and when someone click on it, i want to know which .?

I have a desktop computer and want to add a firewire card does the computer have to be opened up to do this?

Yes, all Pci adapter cards must be installed in a slot on the motherboard.Power down the computer and unplug from the wall outlet. Unplug all attached devices that has their own power source such... Read More »

Which do you have:Desktop or Laptop?

Like The Reckoning, my family has five computers.I have two laptops, my brother has one laptop, my Stepdad uses one of the desktops for work and the other desktop just sits there idly.