I have a computer for sale but i cant afford the ad for the paper could anyone please help me?

Answer it's free

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My computer is running SO slowly recently! I can't afford to get an IT specialist in, so what can I do?

I've had the same probs Mel .. you could try emptying your Prefetch folder ..thats the one that usually gets overlooked by "Disc cleanup" ..delete your History on the homepage and do a search for t... Read More »

I have a term paper saved in MY DOCUMENTS on MY COMPUTER. How do I save the paper to my flash/jump drive?

open mycomputer> Your jump drive.Drag the file from my documents to your jump drive. Remove your jump driveplug it back in and check to see if the file is on it.This is all arbitrary though-- you c... Read More »

What computer places are having a President's Day sale right now?

Most computer stores like Best buy, Office Max, office depot, and even Walmart are having presidents day deals vertical might be your best bet for finding out those deals. It does l... Read More »

What was the first commercially advertised computer for sale to the public?

According to a 1984 article in "Creative Computing" magazine by Forrest M. Mims III, co-founder of the Model Instrument Telemetry Systems Company (MITS), a paid advertisement for the Altair 8800, t... Read More »