I have a cholesterol level of 5.8 and a haemoglobin estimate of 152g/l should I be worries?

Answer It is a little bit high since the level for healthy adults should be 5mmol/L or less, but it depends what conditions you're being treated for. If you're being treated for diabetes, high blood press... Read More »

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What is a the normal haemoglobin level for a baby?

How is cholesterol level calculated?

Cholesterol has a major impact on heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. Maintaining safe cholesterol levels can reduce the risk or arterial blockages that cause heart attacks.TestsDoctors ta... Read More »

How to reduce cholesterol level?

Keeping your mother age in view best is walking, reduce fried and carbohydrate stuff OK. Medications on time. Roasted meat can be given. She must take oat meal or any fiber diet/ supplement e.g Isp... Read More »

High cholesterol level?

Though Cholesterol has a bad reputation as a cause of Heart Disease it does however perform some vital functions and is produced naturally in the Liver and we cannot do entirely without it. Diet is... Read More »