I have a childcare and.....?

Answer It depends on how old the child is, the hours of the day that you are open, and how many children the parents have. You could post a survey or something and ask people how much they are charged to ... Read More »

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I have a question about a childcare interview.?

- whats your qualification?- how much working experience in childcare? - do u have patient and love/care children?- are u married and have children?- what kind of punishment will u use once the chi... Read More »

If i have to leave my job for childcare for a special needs child can i get unemployment?

Yes you can BUT you must try to work something out with your employer first (ex: change hours, change your start/end time) if you and the employer cannot come to some type of compromise then you wi... Read More »

Should stay at home moms have disability insurance to cover the cost of childcare and housekeeping should she be unable to perform these tasks because of a disability?

Stay at home moms don't get the recognition they deserve. Although all of these tasks are quite important, and it would cost plenty to hire a replacement, you may find it difficult to find an insur... Read More »


u must take care of them try to teach some lesson like teacher to know childcare go to to help you if not then tell what you need ok