I have a cctv camera i purchased from ebay and a pci card. how do i make it work?

Answer hey listen what you gotta do is to look up in the original package for the Camera,you should find a DVD or CD,'s where it contains the driver utilities...all what you need to do is to define t... Read More »

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I have a 600 close up polaroid camera If i did buy film from ebay, would it work?

okay, all the polaroid film out there is currently can most likely get the film from here:…or ebay.the impossible project will stock up their n... Read More »

I just purchased a new memory card for an Olympus camedia digital camera I'm having problems getting it to work after telling it not to format and card error flashes?

CCTV camera supplier delhi list cctv dealer?

I think Adit Ecommerce from Mumbai has branches at above locations. So contact them for CCTV Cameras

I purchased item through; Neither the ebaY nor seller (who cheated) responds?

Hi,File a case in Orissa high court aganist the shop and ebay. Many people are cheated by ebay, it is high time they must be taught a lesson.I would recommend you to first consult a lawyer, he can ... Read More »